Our sustainability work

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Certification means being committed and working systematically on continuous improvements for a sustainable business. The purpose is to achieve greater customer and employee satisfaction and a more sustainable society.

Policies that help us in our processes and procedures.

Health and Safety Policy

The overall goal of Needefy’s health and safety work is to promote wellbeing factors and to preventively detect and remedy risks to avoid occupational injuries such as work-related accidents and illnesses. This work includes the physical, organisational and social work environment. In addition to the statutory requirements set out in the Swedish Work Environment Act and the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations, we strive for a pleasant and welcoming work environment that inspires good collaboration, high efficiency and quality in our work and enables development for all employees and management systems.

What a good working environment means to us:

Environmental Policy

Needefy is a consultancy company that works to develop, digitise and build society. We strive to promote sustainability in all our assignments. Transport must be carried out with the least possible environmental impact. We shall work to constantly identify improvements and comply with the laws that exist in this area. Needefy works to ensure effective and relevant environmental work together with its customers and suppliers in order to reduce its environmental impact.

Quality Policy

Through creative work and good technology, Needefy’s business must inspire confidence in our professional capabilities. Our quality work benefits the customer by providing products and services at the right time, in the right place and at the promised quality level. We comply with laws and regulations.
All employees and our subcontractors involved in our assignments view quality and satisfied customers as interacting factors. For us, quality is a success factor for continuing the positive development of the company and its products and working methods.
Our quality work and quality management system are developed through continuous improvements.