We are a swedish consulting company with
significant expertise and experience within IT, Telecom and Industry.

Our team of experts analyse your needs and propose customer-specific solutions.

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We are a professional consulting company based in Sweden, with a huge network and many proven success stories. Let us help you find your next team member.

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At our consultant company, we believe in freedom under responsibility and can offer you as an employee togetherness through team activities,  the chance to be involved and influence the company’s success and direction.

For us, it is important that you are satisfied.

We are perfect for you who have an interest in building a strong network and see the role as a consultant as a profession where you, with your expertise, get a key role in helping our customers projects reaching their goals.

At Needefy, we stand for being Helpful, Professional and Dedicated in every situation.

What we offer

A consultant company with business shaped solutions

An IT consulting company that offers broad experience in many areas

We give you broad expertise as an IT consulting  company, where we offer services in areas of IT, such as software development, cloud solutions and IT infrastructure.

A consulting company in Telecom & Fibre Installations

We give you broad expertise as a consulting company for fixed and mobile networks, fibre networks, and property networks.

A consulting company within Industry, production & automation

We give you broad expertise as a consulting company within Industry, automation and electrical power.

Our team of experts analyzes your needs and suggests customer specific solutions.

Our consulting company have many years of experience in the respective areas of expertise. We help our customers with expertise in, among other things:

Regardless of whether the project is small-scale or national, short-term or long-term – we are committed to always delivering availability and the right skills.

Can we help you and your company? We are happy to have a dialogue on how we can tailor a solution for your project.

What our customers say about us: